the first, not the last, my everything

My good reasons for having a blog-

1) I sit in front of  a ‘puter all day, most days. I am not complaining about this. WiFi is a gift from above.

2) I am an accompolished blog reader

3) I have incredibly important and meaningful things to say.

Welcome to

Let the games begin. Last night a good group of friends and I sampled some bars around the Union Square area in NYC. Sampled sort of describes small quantities of bite sized food that is usually on a toothpick at Costco. I think it was more of an immersion then. Large quantities were consumed, but I’ll go into that later. 

The Pour House- was a roudy bar with lots of workers that had just gotten off and untucked their shirts and let in hang out. It is alright. I would of liked it a little quieter, because I tend to be a little hard of hearing.

The Beauty Bar- now this is something else. Very New York and unique. This little treasure trove doubles as a beauty salon and a bar. The interior is lined up with beauty chairs and the walls sparkle with charm. I assume you can get a manicure or your hair did during the day, but at night there are 2 full service bars and hipsters drink up. There is a dance floor in the back and on a busier night it could blow up.

Bar None- A good college bar that has a-take-it-home plastic fish bowl that you can fill it up with whatever you like. It is $25 and it takes a while for 3 people to finish up. I would definitely go back, but I would drink that fishy bowl earlier in the night. Who doesn’t love taking home the cup you drank out of for a souvenir?

 New York is crayz because there are so many damn places to go.  Hopefully my next post on my new blog will be about JayZ’s club and me getting the dirt off my shoulders with my friends-to be Beyonce and your boi Jay Z. Holler



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One thought on “the first, not the last, my everything

  1. bloom310 says:

    You are a interesting and also a careful people! Look forward to your update .

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