3 breadsticks later

Dear Blog,

I did a really great thing today that most people would think not to do. I know when you’re in New York City, you are supposed to go to all of the stellar restaurants that are flagged all over Manhattan, or the meaty delis, or the reheated pizzerias, or what not. Sometimes, when you’re in a new place, you just want a little bit of the Olive Garden soul. So that is what I did.

 Olive Garden is not a particularly good Italian restaurant. Most only know it for its unlimited breadsticks and salad (with those pepperocini peppers which are dank). It is still up in the ozone if it is good to be known for all you can eat anywhere. I would say that it usually doesn’t indicate the best of quality or thoughtfulness from the cook. But! There is something so comforting from a restaurant that is so predictable. There is no difference from an East Coast O.G. to a West Coast O.G.- maybe if East Coast Rappers and West Coast Rappers could meet at an Olive Garden in Omaha, Nebraska, everyone would breath easier. 

With 4-O-July week, not much work is going on. So I took an extended lunch break, because damnit I deserve it. I bought a new Tom Robbins book which my dear reader you will defintely hear more about later. I sat down at the bar ordered the salad, breadsticks, and minestrone soup (my little sister once pronounced it mine-strone soup) and thoroughly enjoyed myself. A gay man on my right talked about his 49 year old boyfriend that tries to be a father to his 38 years. He also discussed with the bar tender at length about how dreams really do come true- as in those that you fall asleep and then wake up, not aspirationional or anything like that. 

So go to eat by yourself sometime and it makes it much less serious if you go to a widely known chain. I mean anyone can go to a cafe by their lonesome. But Chili’s? Oh how I miss Chili’s in New York.

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