Cause I'm Real

I have many passions but one of my fave hobbies is to stay up late and download music until the cows and sheep come home. Then we count stars together. I am always looking for the next single to drop and new ooey gooey jams. Here is a list of songs you should listen to.

1) Volare- Gypsy Kings
2) Come Pick Me Up – Ryan Adams
3) Young Turks- Rod Stewart
4) Beautiful Girls- Sean Kingston
5) Hot Child in the City- Nick Gilder
6) Sober- Kelly Clarkson
7) Somebody’s Crying- Chris Isaak
8) Thug in my Life- Rihanna
9) Make me Better- Fabolous and Ne-Yo
10) Mesmerize- Ashanti
11) Pennies from Heaven- Louis Prima
12) Once Around the Block- Badly Drawn Boy 
13) Beauty Queens- Pedro the Lion
14) You Got It- Roy Orbison

Also another thing that I have an incredible passion for is this line of jewelry from the 60s called Kenneth Jay Lane. I’m gonna get my hands on some soon. It is dope.

Check it-


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    From your article, know a lot.

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