Cold as a polar bear's toe nails.

I have not written a blog entry in 11 days. The world must be asking where is she? What is she doing? Why is she hiding? OK, just chill. I haven’t felt the urge to blog-a-log. I am not really feeling it right now either. Why not? Because I am in a lonely prison cell  deeep in the mantle of the earth engulfed in flames and fire breathing komono dragons that want my neck. This, could also be read as a metaphor for my office’s Air Conditioning Unit is done broke. We have a semi-solution of wimpy fans that oscillate, but do not spend enough time on their oscillation cycle on me. I’m sure my fellow cohorts also feel this damnation. This must be what Leo DiCaprio is so PIZZED about in his upcoming documentary that I sure as HELL will not be seeing. I’m sorry for all of the diablo imagery.

 When the heat is turned up there are several ways of coping. This is what I have come up with-

When the sun swelters cool down with these cool secrets!
1) Change your background on your computer to a snowy scene. Hey I’m usually not too into that winter, but I would love some snow even in a cone right now!

2) Paint your nails cool colors. I got a pedicure yesterday and got my toes white. It doesn’t look so great on me, but you might have better luck!

3)Throw a party themed eski-hoes, and snow ballas. This will not only cool you down but your guests as well. Serve favorites like Eskimo Pies,  ice in a cup, and Russian vodka.

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One thought on “Cold as a polar bear's toe nails.

  1. xnvdfgmfh says:

    After reading your articles, I can not agree with you more.

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