What makes a good person?

People’s definitons of a good person vary. There is general agreement that the following people did some worth while things in their lives:

Mother Theresa
Martin Luther King Jr.
Plain old Martin Luther (Yay Protestant Reformation)
Abraham Lincoln
ect. ect.

I don’t think you have to change the world to be admirable.

My definition is very simple-
1) Someone that doesn’t have a stick up their ass.
2) Laugh often (Not sadistically or psychotically)
3) Their main objective does not consist of trying to engage you in intellectual banter

I don’t mind so much if someone has littering on their permanent record. Episodic lying or swearing also are permissible.

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One thought on “What makes a good person?

  1. bezique says:

    Your articles develop my mind. That is great!!

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