This is not an egalitarian society. Not everyone can win America's Next Top Model.

Mom told me once that if I can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

I can’t help it! How about this for a novel thought- not everybody needs to be a model.  I’m not sure the polite way to put this. But I’m seeing a lot of amateur Sports Illustrated posing going down on facebook. This makes me sad. Teary, really. Because this elicits my most unfavorite feeling- being embarrassed for someone else.

I think it all started with digital cameras, and they should really take the blame. Now you can take 40 pictures of yourself and pick the one that looks least like you and plaster that all over the world wide web. And because of the questionable sight of the lens, maybe our self images are being distorted? I’m not sure exactly what is giving people the go ahead to make albums entitled “modeling” when no one is paying them. And they enlisted the help of their mom to take said photos.

The painful truth is if you are meant for modeling- they will find you. Most of us are too plain, homely, hairy, or smelly to be recruited for such a prestigious business. And it’s ok! That’s the whole idea. Models are way more attractive than the average Jessica. So leave the modeling to the models. The rest of us will continue to type numbers in calculators and file away papers. I’m sure that you are really good at other things!

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