Being Poor is Boring and other Tales from the Crypt

I am here to make an argument that being destitute is far worse than enjoying a life of cash money, champagne, and chocolate fountains. I also happen to have the logic to substantiate such a claim.

Rappers really like to discriminate against the have-nots with such lyrics as “If you got a $20 bill, put your hands up!” This is incredibly alienating and does nothing for the lower class’ self esteem.

If you are poor, you only have one thing to talk about- “I can’t afford this or that!” Forget conversing about movies or wild nights out at da club. Due to the constraints of poverty, you are reduced to watching old VHS tapes and being hungry all the time.

Poor people don’t take trips to Hawaii.

Poor people don’t buy furs for the holidays.

Poor people don’t eat at nice restaurants (maybe Wendy’s on a good day)

Poor people are usually buried at Pauper’s Cemeteries and don’t even get a head stone.


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