Gimme a man after midnight

This picture rocks. Did you ever know tin foil could be so sex pot? And against the Swedish flag?


This video is draws from the Brady Bunch squares. But what I like about it are the “I’m too sexy for my shirt” looks from the young maidens. I want to be able to wink like that. Also I’m dying for the brunette’s boots. I like ABBA, so I turned to my friend Wikipedia for some more info. Apparently they were coupled up – each dude with a different girl. Their love didn’t last, but there music sure as hell did.

Another fun fact- John McCain wanted to use ABBA music for his presidential campaign in 2008 to no avail. Pesky music licensing. We might be under a Republican guard if McCain would have gotten the music right. No, but for reals, what song would he have chosen? Dancing Queen? Mamma Mia? I don’t think I follow his artistic ideology.

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