Thoughts from today 12.17.09

Vocab – Awkweird- my new favorite word. I bet you couldn’t guess what it means

Let’s not recap –I really loathe all the “best of 2009” columns, television specials and poetry. I don’t want to go back in time unless we are going way back…

Medical Conditions – Corn chowder is a necessary ingredient for the evolution of the modern world. It might be the only thing that has helped the plague I have contracted. I have been sicky boo for probably about a month. Not the same disease- I keep on getting colds. Too many strawberry daquiris and not enough multivitamins. Friends, I’m really gonna try and clean up my act.

I’m pretty sure that all of you have had the fortuitous opportunity to play the board game LIFE. The object of the game is to drive your 1985 Ford Taurus station wagon to Millionaire’s Row. The best way to get entrance to this gated community, is by collecting LIFE chips. One of these chips awards you quite a bit of money for discovering the cure to the common cold. So why hasn’t any jerk cured this sickness? I’m sitting here sniffling and in general misery and pain waiting for you to put the right chemicals together. Yes scientists that is directed to you!

Colds make me want to pull a Van Gogh and slice off my nose. It hurts.



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