Striking my fancy

Everyone knows that if you want to fool people that you are good at something, dress the part. Fake it til’ you make it. This happens to also to apply to skiing. As many times as I duck ropes and huck cliffs, I am an amateur compared to my peers. I have to dress to impress, since my jibs aren’t quite cutting it.

I am currently looking for new goggles. Word to the wise, never ask for advice on this kind of thing. I want white goggles with bling blindja on the side. The dudes I work with insist that you cannot wear a white jacket and white goggles. They were trying to sell me on some girly pink goggles, with no sparkles. Puh-lease. Then something dropped from the heavens. Take a look at these Smith puppies. Yes that is a dream catcher attached on the side band. Can you think of a more pleasing feeling then the feather blowing in the wind as you make some fresh tracks? Me neither.



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