Faces on the milk carton :(

People are so deluded by L-O-V-E these days. They are looking for cupid in all the wrong places, dark alleys, in Calcutta, and at junior high school dances. Let’s be courageous and take a look at one issue that needs more funding and awareness.

STOCKHOLM SYNDROME – this is the name given to the psychiatric condition where a hostage falls deeply and destructively in love with his or her captor. Some of the miserable side effects could include sympathizing or identifying with your thief, and developing codependence.

To those that have succumbed to the hold of S.S.,

If someone loves you, they do not steal you from your parents, significant other, or zoo keeper. Just take a brief moment to think, are you locked up in a musty hotel room, in the middle of an Arizona desert? Has the phone been ripped out of the wall? Are the windows blacked out and duck taped shut? Are you only rationed a certain amount of water and Go-Gurt for nourishment? I’ll be the first to tell you. You deserve better. I would go as far to say as the right to clean sheets, a window, and a country spread, and the freedom to hoe-down at your family picnic, are all yours.

Tell that asshole that when you love something, you set it free. If that doesn’t work, I would try flares. Good luck to all the hostages and kidnapees out there.





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