Another book report

Please please please read Kurt Vonnegut. I just finished Blackbeard which is about a dude that keeps messing up. Rabo Karabekian is an artist that was involved in the movement of Abstract Expressionism and brushed the dirt off his shoulders with Rothko and Pollock. Anywho- the theme of this book is – does man destroy everything he loves?

I won’t kill you with quotes, like your high school English teacher asked of you. Here’s one.

“The entire planet can get along nicely now with maybe a dozen champion performers in each area of human giftedness. A moderately gifted person has to keep his or her gifts all bottle up until, in a manner of speaking, he or she gets drunks at a wedding and tapdances on the coffee table like Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers. We have a name for him or her. We call him or her an ‘exhibitionist.’ How do we reward such an exhibitionist? We say to him or her the next morning, ‘Wow! Were you ever drunk last night!’ “

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