Life isn't fair

Orphaned sea creatures and exotic animals alike are being adopted up and put into safe homes. To think of all those swanky aquariums and zoos that dot the country. That’s a nice set up for a creature sans job. The beast gets regularly fed and some 4 star accommodations.  For 100 million dollars, there are plans for a 7 story aquarium to be installed in Times Square. I got to thinking. Humans aren’t the only ones facing discrimination. Certain species of animals get special treatment!  Pound pups – good luck. Rare shark? You got the hook up in one of the most expensive locales in the world, Manhattan. Isn’t tragic that we extend our socioeconomic hierarchy on our brother animals? The food chain makes it seem like, whether prey or predator, all of the Lord’s creatures are equal. But animals are not created equal. If people like to watch a vertebrate scratch itself and shit behind the bushes, then this animal is worth gold.

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