What is wrong with Canada – Part I

I’ve been watching the Olympic Games with great fervor and determination. Men, women, androids of extreme athletic prowess met up in Vancouver and compete for the precious medals of yore. I want to know where the gold’s at. That’s besides the point. I continue to notice that there is something incredibly wrong about our northern neighbor.

The first occurrence that got me pondering the mess under the maple leaf was the opening ceremonies. I am without words to describe that travesty. But then, I watched a news reel about a Canadian tribute to those 5 interlocking rings. I’m unsure of whose good idea it was to make a 46,000 square foot cranberry homage to all of the athletes and coaches. I then went on to find out that British Columbia is the third largest cranberry grower in North America behind Massachusetts and Wisconsin. EARTH TO CANADA- if you are the bronze at supplying Ocean Spray with their goods, this is nothing to boast about. I’m shaking my head. Photo below.


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