Well hello there Saturday morn.

I would like to talk about a song that I once knew how to play on the recorder in 3rd grade. The tune is called “Hot Cross Buns.” This is not a sexual position. Quite the contrary. It is a simple chanson that all can sing and dance to in the streets. The streets, they call murder. Just kidders.

Oh how I cringe when I hear children singing, or adults singing like children. So instead I have chosen to share a very sophisticated, stoic, rendition of this song. It creeps me out a little as well.

Which brings me to- what the hell are hot cross buns? They are spiced English buns made with currants or raisins associated with Good Friday. Apparently, if you share your hot cross bun with another, you will assuredly enjoy a nice friendship through out the year. No again! This is not a double entendre.

I’ll see you and your hot cross buns around. Bisous.



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