Lost and Found

Oh bother.

What a dreary place the Lost and Found is. Here come the denizens of hope, that are shortly thereafter met by rejection, desolation, and the pangs of realization that their item is irretrievable.

On the other end, here lies gloves without mates, lonely green retainer cases, and floppy discs.  There is not a soul to claim them. And it seems as if their owners have shunned them aside, indifferent to these material objects’ feelings. What a terrible death it is! to be first forgotten, and then suffocated by dust.

Occasionally a match will be found. A despondent and irresponsible person and a neglected item will meet again… However, these serendipitous breaks are few and far between.

Please remember to be vigilant with material possessions. They are the only items one can be buried with. Last impressions mean a great deal. So make sure at an open casket ceremony or the final burial ceremony at the pyramid in the Valley of the Kings, that one has all of his or her possessions from the last 80 or so years.

And no one, not nobody, wants to visit that disheartening place called the Lost and Found.


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