Nothing is worse than sharing

So with that flattering introduction, I would like to share an intimate learning moment in my life. I believe we all can agree that junior high is probably where everyone reaches their peak. I know my life has turned downhill since everyone had gum lodged in their braces.

Most of the lessons I learned in junior high were critical to the development of the kind of person that I am today. I learned algebra and earth science and read Slake’s Limbo (which I want to talk about later).

Aside from the plethora of monumental discoveries I made in theology, philosophy, and civics, there is one piece of information I could have stood not learning about.

I had the honor of having an impeccable junior high gym teacher. Her name was Miss Feaster and she was vehemently dedicated to empowering her students with physical fitness. I agreed with all of her teachings except for one unit – LEARNING HOW TO SCORE BOWLING.

Not once in my ten years since dressing out for third period gym, have I ever encountered a situation where I needed to use this skill. It wouldn’t be so bad, but I remember being very frustrated with the nuances of the system. And there was a test! I don’t remember my grade, but I’m sure it wasn’t purty.

If I could have told my 8th grade self one thing it would be this “Cheer up buddy. It’s all gonna be ok. In the future, computers will score your bowling for you. This is an asinine skill!”

And then my 8th grade self could have skipped and frolicked in the woods without a care. Oh the stress of the olden days.

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