Pockets, piggy banks,duffel bags, and briefcases full of cash money

Can be delivered to my doorstep rain or shine.

It seems that the only  surefire way to make any money in this tipsy topsy world of ours, is to discover or give birth to a teen pop star. The last several days I have been on a quest to understand – who is this Justin Bieber? Apparently no one of consequence, to me at least. But to teenage girls across the world, he is a little 16 year old heartthrob that sings on high with the angels and  Ludacris. This makes me think less of Luda in Justin’s “Baby” chanson.

I got to thinking – a musician that appeals to teenage girls has got to be the most profitable industry. New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys, N Sync, Jonas Brothers, Jesse McCartney all have sold entirely more albums than they deserve to, based on their musical merit alone. They’ve got that look.

So now I just need to find someone to fit the shoes, elevate them to fame ball, and I’ll be sipping on some bub in no time.


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