Formal Introduction of the Ultimate Casanova – Andy the Candy Man

Who is this Andy the Candy Man that I’ve heard so much about?

He calls you late at night when you’re least expecting it. The phone rings at that precise moment when you’ve almost forgotten the delishush taste of  Bubbalicious bubblegum, what it feels like to pet puppy fur, or the sensation that is getting really loose on the dance floor. And then green….green… it up and say yellow. It’s Andy.

His voice flows slowly through the receiver like honey hanging from a comb and it drips on your tongue. Andy’s voice is lower than sea level with a lisp, not a debilitating lisp, but something that makes him even more sensual.

Oooh baby.

Yes he also happens to model for the legendary Milton Bradley game Guess Who. Believe me, there will be more about Andy later. He’s quite the inspiration for me.



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