Lunch Count

It’s hazy. Push away that cloud and look into your past.

What is that in the distance? Ahoy – it’s the  ol’ gal that used to serve up sloppy joes extra sloppy for ya in K-6. Yup, and there are those long tables where food fights were common place, and bartering for a a Lil’ Debbie was rampant. The Canon Elementary School Cafeteria – my safe place.

It was a good day if mama sent you off to skool with and Oscar Mayer Lunchable. Included were crackers – meat – and some candy. This was superior to the alternative, a mushy turkey sandwich and an apple laced with evil or arsenic, what have you.

Then the evolution of Lunchables occured. Now everything under the sun was available to young children’s quarrelsome appetites:

Pizza? Nachos? Breaded Chicken? Hot Dogs? Burgers? Beef Tacos? Agreed – taking it a little too far.

Now come back to the modern age, 2010. Zippiddydoodaaa.

The other day I bought myself a Lunchable to relive my glory days.  I also did a what the hell and got an orange soda. The orange drank was superb. What about that combo plate of cheese and crackers and watery turkey? Friends, I wasn’t feeling it. I have always known that I have an immature palate, preferring plain food and Kool Aid and Animal Crackers. But I dare say- Lunchable is a food that should stay in childhood and not be brought back to my sophisticated world of grown up taste buds.


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