Tinkers and Travellers and Gutterpups

Ask anyone – tout le monde would like to be artists, or astronauts, or rockstars. Somehow most end up as middle management or soccer coaches.

But! It is of the utmost importance to not forget these “silly” childhood aspirations.

Despite the fact that I harbor no musical talent, I will prevail in becoming a best selling artist on the billboard charts. I’m overstepping. Pursue dreams on a softer note.

Really I just want to scrape together some instruments. But the hitch is – these goodies must be mobile. There is no point of having cumbersome equipment. The featured orchestra will include, but is not limited to : portable xylophone, keyboard with batteries, and maracas. Harmonicas are also conducive for this sort of effort.

I think tambourines are kind of annoying. People shake them too much. So please don’t bother suggesting.

I want to recruit friends to be a party of my gypsy brigade. We’ll go to Europe and hang out around cathedrals and gargoyles. And we will chirp to the birds. Not the other way around.

Fine folk will drop cash, as they take pity on the poor unfortunate souls that are left to sing and dance for a little silver.

After a quick trip to the general store to get bohemian supplies and some music makers- I’m ready to saddle up.

Gypsies living a life of sin have always seemed to have the most fun anyway.


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