How do you show someone you care?

I think that Hallmark greeting cards have reached their saturation point. Bedazzling and monogramming just don’t mean what they used to.

I know that I am constantly looking to show those who matter most, that they are something real special. I care. I really do.

And now my washing machine of ideas has bubbled over. And I am all about keepsakes.

Keeping the things, that others might dismiss as common place or disposable. How are people going to remember the past if there are no souvenirs?

And mementos can work in many ways.

So it starts with seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary. I now save all my bodily cast offs (finger nail clippings, locks of hair, dead skin from blisters). I send these pieces of me to remind others of how much they miss me.

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t believe it is all about me all the time. I also like to roll around in nostalgia and commemorate others. So when I go to fast food restaurants, I keep empty ketchup packets that belonged to friends, lovers, family members.

True Love. Family Heirlooms. History in the Making.

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