My casual business partner and I are on the hunt. This summer vacation season we are going to search high and low for the the best paw paws.

We have determined that father figures have been consistently overshadowed by women and children for a number of years now. Who teaches their young to ride a bicycle? Who takes little Timmy Tuba to the baseball game? Who teaches the youngsters how to spear fish and skin whales? Daddy. And it’s about time these males get a pat on the back. No this is not some glorified Father’s Day contest. The Co – Founder of Benjamin Franklin Productions and I seek to raise awareness of this social issue.

It takes a village of fathers to raise a child. And we are sick and tired of all the life boats being used up by women and children. They are annoying.

The photos are of two daddy-o’s that we met at the Mill Hill Saloon in Colorado Springs. We met Randy (navy hat) a man overflowing with integrity and exquisite taste. Something he told me that I will never forget is – “I’ve been kicked out of better places.”  Randy taught unto us that life is a wee bit short, and it should be celebrated every minute of every day. To accomplish this, it is necessary to cheers before every sip of Indian Medicine Water.

Thank you Papa.

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