The ketchup situation

Portable condiments were invented to satisfy the needs of picnic enthusiasts and also to cater to fast food restaurant goers. How convenient! Instead of packing Costo Co sized bottles of moutarde, mayo, and ketchup in one Brighton hand bag, people could now transport minis! If a pizza parlor happened not to have relish for their Hawaiian slices- presto! A quick dig into the pocket and problem solved. Yum. After the initial joy wore off of this new fangled invention, droves of people experienced consternation. Ketchup had always been American’s favorite gravy for their fries, eggs, and hotdogs. However- Heinz insisted on using small packets. Fast food was no longer expeditious. Tommy and Suzy need large portion of tomatoes, vinegar, sugar, and salt to get their dip on. Thus following, Tommy spent a good amount of time with his chubby clumsy fingers, ripping into that plastic pouch, then squeezing all 9 grams of goodness out. “Oh bother” he grunts. Now, this is the question my friends. Have you noticed that mayo packets come large? Let’s petition for BIG ketchup packets do our fries don’t cool off or get lonesome. We can spend more time eating, and less time opening.

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