To be hungover sounds so awful. Not just for the physical repercussions, but mainly for the connotation. Boss says, “Rough night?” Allow me to interpret – A) you look like shit B) I’m disappointed in you for using alcohol irresponsibly C) How about this. Try partying sober.

So lucky for us there are euphemisms in this world to take the sting off.

I reside at 9280 feet. Put that in your light bulb and smoke it.

So instead of “Eh. I feel pretty hung today,” I say, “I have pretty bad altitude sickness. Didn’t sleep. Headache. All that jazz.” It is of no consequence that I have lived at this elevation for over a year. That’s besides the point.

So try it! Even if you live at sea level, it will at least confuse the meanie that is accusing you of not being able to handle your liquor.

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