In Memory of Bobby

I’m a royal smart ass on this blog and in real life.

But I want to take a second to honor a very important person. My dear friend lost her dad. The service was this weekend and it was so beautiful. We really celebrated Bobby’s life. Everyone had funny stories to tell. Everyone just gushed. I wanted to post what Aimee, Katie, and I wrote for the service. Please find below.

Mr. Daniel was a man of fashion and taste. And was never shy to sport the most cutting edge hair dos. His different coifs have become synonymous with different rights of passages in our childhoods.

When all of us started at Canon Elementary School, Bobby was rocking the rattail. His spirit of adventure grew down his neck. Bobby took the girls to Steamboat on a three hour hike, claiming to know the trail from memory. Three hours turned to four, five, six, seven, and finally culminated in eight hour long trek. Never backing down from his knowledge of the route, all of the elementary school girls cried because they were lost and sore. The same pond appeared again and again. Finally Lauren, Katie, Claire, Hayley and Aimee were forced to slide down the mountain on their butts to safety. This is a testament to Bobby’s heart of courage and determination.

In Junior High and High School, Bobby took his hair to the next level – the mullet. This was before all of the hype about mullets being cool again. He was cool headed when Lauren and company were kicked out of the prom for undisclosed reasons. Bobby saw beyond the under 21 infraction, and took it upon himself to protect his child and her hoodlum friends. When the cops showed up he simply instructed the delinquents to keep quiet and told law enforcement “I represent every single one of these kids.” It turns out that us kids aren’t the only ones that benefited from his helpful law services and his constant watchdog protection. At the Gravette’s 50th birthday party, that was a really fun party PS, there was a noise complaint. The band was pretty loud and so were all of the guests. Of course Bobby was the one to chat up the police and tell them how it was gonna be. He said “I wouldn’t hang around here for the next hour. We’ve been partying. We’re all adults that live around the neighborhood. People are going to be heading home soon, if you catch my drift.” His police talking talents will be sorely missed. But more than that, Bobby was always taking care of his family, friends, friends of friends, neighbors, and whoever else needed help.

And for the grand finale of hair, Bobby gave us the mohawk just in time for the debutante ball season. He didn’t really care what high-society would think about his hair-do. I think he might have said something along the lines of “How do you think the Deb committee will like this hair style? Well they won’t.” Who would have thought but a mohawk goes quite well with a tuxedo and a Cadillac, and I’d say he pulled it off in style.

Throughout the years and the different hairstyles, we’ve all grown up. All of us girls are the better for having Bobby in our lives. Yes, we’ve learned a thing or two about the legal system. A little bit about fighting, and not giving up. And a lot about integrity and standing up for whats right. And in the end, Bobby’s life and his lessons aren’t for naught. Look how good we all turned out. (smirk) Tears may come right now, but Bobby always makes us smile, he always has and always will.

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