the legend of the 5 day bender

Starring yours truly, the unassuming, uninhibited, understanding Scaroline.

Whining commenced at the work party. I haven’t slept in 4 days! I drank too much of that evil medicine water last night. In addition, there is this boy, that is interfering with my sleep and health.

Pat, the coworker, steps up to the podium. Clears his throat. Taps the microphone and utters a few choice words.

“Caroline. You are a lush. No one feels sorry for you.”

My response. Ain’t gonna hurt nobody.

However. It’s hard when no one dishes you up any sympathy. The cafeteria line in rehab is long and depressing. The lunch ladies want you to take responsibility for your actions and abuses, or something equally as far fetched. The sloppy joes are extra sloppy.

So I made it 5 nights in a row. Tic tac toe.

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