slob in my purse

I used to be from the school of thought that I could put anything in my satchel. And believe me, I have toted quite a many things (guns, drugs, potions, to name a few). And then the bad run started. Since, I’ve learned that no, you can’t just carry around anything in your purse.

A) I think it is old news, but barbeque sauce and other dipping gravies at McDonald’s cost you a pretty quarter these days. I had these french fries that were asking for a little of that mesquite and tangy goodness. I happily obliged and purchased two containers. Fries weren’t as thirsty as I thought. I had a cube of bbq sauce left. I asked Ray what to do about my quandary of leftovers. He said, bitch, put it in your purse for a rainy day. I followed instructions. A couple days later, splat and bbq sauce has drenched a pocket in my purse and a bunch of confidential documents.Ick.

B) And then the second ick happened. I went to Boulder and of course toted my dental hygiene equipment with me. I brought an entire tube of Colgate. Boulder is a wild place. And crazy is commonplace. That tube squeezed thick paste all over valuable foreign currency. This was highly disconcerting.

And these two experiences got me to thinking. Before you load up your handbag with radioactive or sticky substances, consider the consequences if said item were to spill.

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