pancakes drizzled in refined oil

The new game brought to you by Milton Bradley, or rather Alice Mann. This game is apocalyptic in origin. The object is to decide if face with pitting two things against each other and deciding which person/place/thing/idea/etc will stay in the universe. It is played with a group, and the group must vote on what stays and what goes. The game always begins with “Pancakes or waffles?” Get rid of the waffles. I don’t need them. Pancakes on the other hand – sometimes I really have a hankering for a little buttermilk flapjack. This morning I had pancakes with chocolate chips. They were a little too mucho for me. I think hot tamale candy would have done just fine. I am currently working on managing my candy and Coca Cola addiction. Sorry for partying sober. Here are a couple of examples. Why don’t you go ahead and make some of these tough decisions-

  • Electricity or indoor plumbing?
  • R Kelly or all other kinds of music?
  • Sheets or underwear?
  • Candy or Coca Cola?

You get ze idea. Happy Saturday jigga.

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