aromatherapy – all the healing you'll ever need

Forget aspirin, casts, surgery, or yoga. Go for the stuff that really works. The hard stuff.

Aromatherapy is where it is AT. I know. It is passe. I believe it to be a 90’s fad? But what is more delicate and personalized than a little incense? It’s not only for sexing someone up or hosting hippie candle light vigils anymore. A little olfactory healing never hurt nobody. It is scientifically unproven, but… but witches everywhere believe that it can alter moods, and health by  using the essential oils of plants and other compounds of potpourri. I started reading about the science theory behind it, and I couldn’t focus. Sorry!

at  least there is a little relief with aromatherapy… Or could this just be another pyramid scheme? Thinky thinky.

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