bones to pick

poor minds talk about people. average minds talk about events. great minds talk about ideas.

Here is to me and my poor little pea brain.

The person I would like to discuss is named Taylor Swift. She is a cotton candied country songstress and only has 20 years behind her. Frankly, I am quite unhappy about her subject matter and preoccupation with marriage and wedding dresses. Taylor, this is from me to you, honey all you got is time. So chill out.

What really disturbed me was her latest music video. No I will not imbed that video, because I am very worried that my underage readers will succumb to Taylor’s not so subliminal messages. Through her song “Love Story” and this attempt at musical theater, we can see that Miss Swift is following her bliss, matrimonial bliss that is. If you watch this video, T.S. has two kids at the end! Not ok!

The single most predictor of economic status is age of marriage and age of first child. The hot hit “Love Story” came out in 2008, making her only 18 years of age. Obvi, Taylor has achieved economic success, but who comprises her fan base? 8-14 year old girls? This is not a good message to be relaying to them. Marriage is equal to a dearth of happiness. Everyone knows this.

Maybe I am cynical. And maybe 18 year olds should go ahead and walk down that rose littered aisle and get going on baby making. Nope, I am sticking with my prior convictions. Taylor, why don’t you do some partying, date some wrong dudes, and get dumped a couple times? Then go ahead and make songs and music videos about marriage, when it is slightly more age appropriate.


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