productive ways of using curse words

What do you hate more than genocide, being blamed for something you didn’t do, vegetables, dirty gas station bathrooms, Monday mornings, speeding tickets, being kicked out of Nascar races, losing a valuable earring, and forgetting a #2 pencil for SAT test taking? Yup, you know it. When someone does not respond to your text message! This causes a myriad of problems. It messes up my plans. It hurts my ego. It keeps me bored. Until I learned the surefire way to get a response, quickly and effectively.

Ex) “Do you want to go to the movies?”

20 minutes passes, no response, do not want to miss this viewing of Harry Potter on the silver screen, time is a-wastin’

This is where my heart breaks. I get clammy hands. I pace. I imagine big reasons for why said person is not replying. Usually it is because they hate me and want to ruin my life. There is no rule stating that one must sit there, looking pretty and patient. It is time to introduce a little violence and aggresion. Follow up the message with-

“Do you want to fucking go to the movies?”

This frightens the recipient of the message to go ahead and reply and stop with the dilly dallying. Try it. Let me know how it goes.

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