dancing with the stars

America is being swept away by the art of dance. We can thank has-been stars for introducing us to the waltz, the samba, the flamenco…the soulja boy… I had the unique pleasure of watching last week’s episode. Dancers included: Bristol Palin, Brandy, Jennifer Gray and some other man I’m not familiar with. So this is what happened! Everybody danced! Everybody danced good! Bristol Palin wore a very matronly Hester of the Scarlett Letter garb. But, there were big slits, so we could see her sexy sexy legs. Brandy also danced. She is a lot more talented than Alaska’s poster child. Hard to believe. The judges convened and gave higher marks to Brandy. But then, this is the thing with Dancing with the Stars, America votes. America has bad taste, but when the votes were tallied, Brandy was robbed of her spot in the finals!

So Bristol continues that all important quest of being the best damn expired celebrity that ever danced on the ABC dance floor. There has been allegations, that Palinites rigged the system. Apparently, there is no limit to the amount of emails one can send. The Palins and their loyal following inundated the system with votes for the formerly pregnant teen. Poor Brandy. I was repeating this social injustice to this guy I know named Meecho. His take was that Brandy fans could have done the exact same thing , and emailed their votes as many times as they so desired. But – this is the thing, the Tea Baggers are a group of nefarious and mischevious people, that are constantly on the look out for voting loop polls.

Why is this of concern? Because if the Palin Cult is going to rig the Dancing with the Stars voting, well, this is just practice for the Big Election of 2012. Can’t wait to get old Sarah in the White House!

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