just another example of stockholm syndrome

Kids these day are far too exposed to the elements. They all watch porn. They all brandish guns while watching porn. Their favorite word is the eff word. Somehow, innocence has just evaporated in this tipsy topsy world of ours. I agree that the porn, guns, and cussing are all bad. But sometimes, Disney just takes it to the next step.

There is a classic animated film called “Beauty and the Beast.” It stars a big furry monster and a delicate doe like lady. I forget why, but Belle ends up at the crib of the brute. But the Beast is a meanie. He has a hell of a temper and doesn’t take to lil’ ladies imposing on his hospitality. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that Belle is acutely suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. This condition is one of my personal favorites. If you aren’t familiar – SS is when you fall hopelessly in love with your captor. So there is Belle, basically trapped, with no way out, and falls in love with a Beast Barbarian.

As if porn and guns weren’t bad enough, now we are glamorizing Stockholm Syndrome. The kids really don’t stand a chance.
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