stealing cholula

I wasn’t a shoplifter in high school. I don’t have the habit of taking things that do not belong to me. However, there is one exception.  I’m a klepto for Cholula. This hot sauce goes with all food – mainly hot pockets, burritos, nachos. It usually works out pretty well for me. Stupidly, I procured a brand new bottle last night. I made a quesadilla for lunch and I forgot my special sauce!

No, but there was one time. One time it caught up with me.

There is a burrito joint close to my work. Burritos need Cholula. I stealthily took a bottle back to work to enjoy that hippity hot sauce. The eating experience was me oh my so fine. But then! The manager of the burrito places comes to our back office and sees the booty. She asks me “Did you take this from the burrito joint?” I was caught red handed. She took back the hot sauce and told me not to do that again.

I guess I should have learned my lesson, but my taste buds beg for that zesty little amigo.

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