why we are loving child labor

1. It’s free

2. Children have small and nimble hands – perfect for factory work

3. Keeps them from doing drugs or smoking cigarettes and off the streets

4. Provides valuable work experience to build a successful career

5. No more ca$h wasted on babysitters

6. Finally children actually contribute something to a household, instead of being blood sucking leaches

7. Tax dollars can fund more important things like road maintenance, rather than education

8.  Good for consumer’s pockets

9. Get kids away from video games and tv

10. Give mom and dad some much needed time to get their romantic life back on track


One thought on “why we are loving child labor

  1. BLOG ME UP says:

    […] that the under 12 demographic is the most apt and able to form a cost effective sales team. I have previously written about the pros of child labor. I think Girl Scout Cookie selling is just further evidence of my previous thesis. Children are cute […]

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