half empty

I have had a lot of hexes put on me. I guess there must be a voodoo doll of me circling around.

Well the big curse, is the car malfunctions up the ying yang.

Filters making my hybrid lose its electric boogie woogie. The next vehicle not starting. Not starting. Backing best friend’s car into the snow bank in my driveway. Having to get pulled out by a snow plow! Not putting emergency brake on boyfriend’s car and narrowly saving Twinkie Jackson and a collision with my car! Car goes to mechanic to fix starter. Oh not working again.

Anyway, this whole lack of access to working cars has a silver lining. Peeps have been really nice and allowed me to borrow their own personal automobiles. Merci. I got to drive a big truck once and listen to heavy metal. That is what was in the cd player. That is not of consequence, this is simply what I noticed.

Everyone who so graciously allowed me to borrow their cars over the last month, had one thing in common. They all drive with empty gas tanks. Perhaps I suffer from an anxiety ridden personality. But to me, this is playing with fire. I am deathly afraid of running out of gas. When my tank gets down to that quarter mark, I’ll fill her up. I guess I didn’t realize it was cool to live on the edge not giving a fuck how much gas you do or don’t have.


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