the sexiest way to be a hero

More often than not, people are leaving this earth a cause de hypothermia. In the sad case that someone does contract the hypothetical hypothermia – their core body temperature drops below what ya need to keep your metabolism a chuggin. This too real of a problem can occur anywhere it can turn cold. So be careful when you are on a fishing boat in a storm in Alaska, ice climbing, or even when surfing in San Diego sans wet suit. If it does happen, it’s not that big of a deal. IF. There is a big IF.

IF -you have someone really sexy to save you. The cure for hypothermia is for the hero to take off all of his clothes, take off your clothes, and press up on you. Body heat. Mmmm. So take a little time to think about who you would like to save you from this tragedy. Who would you really want to wake up from being unconscious, up on your shit?

Paul Walker or Roseanne?

Sean Connery or Bill Murray?

Haley Joel Osmond or President Bush?

Tyra Banks or Tanya Harding?

Come on be mature about it.





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