big boi

We vent to the Big Boi concert this weekend. We had a famous time, despite my surly tendencies after red bull vodkas (picking fights with people with crutches and throwing a beer can on stage). Wasn’t on best behavior.

Anyhow, Big Boi tore it up! Lisa, Katie, and I were left a little concerned though. Big Boi resorted to singing throwbacks from Outkast circa 2000. It was nice to hear an ode to Twinkie Jackson (I’m Sorry Miss Jackson) and So Fresh and So Clean. What concerned us though, is why wasn’t Big Boi performing his more recent poetry? We came to the conclusion that Big Boi must not have his new songs memorized quite as well.

I would like to pass on this little gem. Black Keys and Big Boi mashup. Cleopatra. Coming Atcha.


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