the smirk

Scientists have long studied and counted the muscles in the face. They’ll tell you over and over, how it takes more muscles to frown than to just go ahead and smile. Personally, I do not follow the reasoning, but this is intended to convince you to smile all the live long day. See, I like to burn calories, so I will persist in the frown. I got to thinking and I’ve decided my favorite way to position those delicate and lovely muscles in my face is the smirk.

The smirk is sarcastic

The smirk is halfway amused.

The smirk is for players that aren’t quite ready to commit

There is something all knowing about the smirk

I did not say that the smirk wasn’t supercilious. It most definitely is.

The smirks means you have a selective sense of humor, and won’t just laugh at any old dumb thing (especially adult jokes). Adult jokes are things that aren’t worth laughing at. An example – will it ever stop snowing? No. This comment does not elicit rolling on the floor laughter from me.

The smirk is purposeful.

It’s thoughtful.

It feels goo


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