identifying the spawns of kraken in everyday life

Many dismiss the folklore of yesteryear as primitive and pathetic. They shrug off the veracity of Loch Ness monster, or Eldorado, or anything fun really. But the characters that inhabit the mystic are very much alive. Their descendants live on planet Earth and will seek vengeance against innocent people. I would like to take the time to introduce you to a fretful beast known as the Kraken, originating near that split tongued Scandinavian peninsula. The creature takes on the likeness to a giant squid, with poisonous tentacles and a bad attitude.

The Kraken targets wimpy sailors, unsuspecting passengers of Ocean Liners, and topless men hunting wales. Truth be told, anyone that gets in the way of this Grendel (that’s a Beowulf reference) will face a most tortuous death. Throughout the years, many of these highly dangerous and explosive traits have been bread out of the human populace. However, it is not uncommon that someone might become possessed by the spirits of the monsters that walked the earth and swam in the deep blue sea. Therefore, it is a difficult task to identify who is a Spawn of the Kraken and who is simply possessed by the S.O.K.

Possession is a temporary affliction, and most will recover without any longstanding side effects. Typically, one might experience great remorse for their actions and call their demonic thoughts and behavior an “out of mind and body experience.” They might wake up soaking wet, without a clue of what happened the pervious night. If this is the case, they obviously paddled along through tempestuous waters making mischief, the S.O.K. way.

The real threat lies in those that are not suffering from being under the spell of the Kraken. The threat is those that share some common genetic makeup to the water dwelling fiend. For these poor unfortunate souls, their devilish conduct is beyond control. It is written in their hearts. To ascertain what lurks in these individuals, one must have ample time for observation.

Tested and true tell alls:

No soul behind the iris of the eye, or a tendency to wear yellow, red, or cat eye contact lenses
A penchant collect weaponry of all shapes sizes and kinds. Mainly sharp rusty knives and taser guns
Fang like teeth and perhaps frothing at the mouth, or at least some spit bubbling
A lack of rationality. Not down to earth. Impulsive. Aggravated
Might choose a life of crime, assuming fraudulent identities, embezzlement, attempted or successful murdering, previous time spent behind bars

Little is known what becomes of the Spawns of Kraken. However, their personal relationships suffer from their mythological sea creature ladened DNA. They burn and flood bridges with those nearest and dearest, and have difficulty maintaining interpersonal relationships. It’s best to avoid potential Spawns of Crackens with a ten foot pole.

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