identifying species amongst us

Another lesson in identification, fair explorers. Hold on to your hats.

It is difficult to resist the temptations of this world. Hookers are hot. Crack is cheap and it works. Nights are too short. Needles are too sexy for your mother fucking hood. Scabs are for the picking. The smart try to abscond the bar scene without the scars of broken beer bottles and permanent dark circles under their eyes. But many dipsomaniancs never escape. Resulting, these individuals look like that they have been run through the dryer a time too many.

How to spot in the wild:

Looks Like – Leathered skin, blotchy complexion, tangled, overgrown, or balding head of hair, unbrushed teeth, dirty clothes, aging

Sounds Like -Chronic cough, raspy voice, inappropriate swearing around ladies, squeaky, inappropriate volume

Tastes Like – Vomit, salty, whiskey, cigarettes

Feels Like – Dry, conversely can be greasy

Smells Like – Unshowered, body odor, barnyard animals, booze parfum

*Victim can exhibit any number of these qualities. Does not necessarily fit all descriptions

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