The difference between being one’s self and imposing one’s self

These modern times are ungracious and undelicate. Women are abandoning matroningly demeanors, and ankle length prairie skirts have fallen out of style. Instead, sluts are wearing pleather, body glitter and mesh. Conversely, men are lewd creatures, farting and cursing in the open. Collectively we praise the freedom and transparency of common culture. Without apology, we say, do, act how we want. At last, social mores aren’t oppresive. Let freedom ring.

With the vulgarity of an “anything goes” society, we do lose a propriety that colored yester years. And by promoting our individuality without restrictions, respect for one another goes by the wayside. There is a fine line between expressing ones’ self and imposing ones’ self.

This line needs to be revisited.

Achieving a balance of personality and grace is ideal. It is deplorable to water down the recipe to the point where conversations about the weather and polite laughter are frequent. Yawn. Instead, let’s consider the audience. If kiddos are at the other end of the slip ‘ n ‘ side, it is unbecoming to talk about a love for bong rips.

Seeing physical repulsion at comments or behavior is also a helpful indicator of going too far. Stop it! Digging a hole deeper than necessary is arduous work. It’s about sensitivity. Lame people are all about political corectness and primarily should be avoided (women, children, the elderly, terrorists). But when in the company of, turn down the volume.

What the world needs now is a return to the olden days of quiet mystery. No one aspires to the ranks of a reality tv star. One should aim for more than achieving notoriety from acting a fool on TV or in daily life.  So take this into consideration. Be known amongst peers as a a philanthropist, an engineer of hope, or someone that always picks up litter. Practicing discretion adds intrigue. Others will not only respect you, but will be interested in this individual. All of those secrets and smoke beckon those to wonder what is it that is going on.

What is worse than over sharing? We all know those obnoxious folks that do not shut it. They will blab on and on about the mundane – coupon savings, unbelievable gas mileage, or their 2nd cousin’s ankle sprain. During no part of their harangue, is the listener engaged. Again, sensitivity, read the audience. If the 2nd person in the conversation is mmmhmmming, catch a breath and rethink your existence.

It is a wonderful world where we are allowed to be who we are. So take advantage of this luxury, but at the same time, give thought to others that are here. Respect boundaries. And when the dullness of respecting others just becomes too much, start up a poker group where you can poke fun at minorities, smoke indoors, and forget to put on deodorant.


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