jewelry boxes for men

The modern woman wants only one thing. A man with some jewery. This misspelling is on purpose and will henceforth be used for the world commonly spelled “jewelry.” I use this spelling, because that is how the rappers say it.

I owe my exposure to man jewery to my debonair brother in law. He has recently added an exquisite bear claw turquoise cuff to his personal collection. It got me to thinking Men that wear jewery are a certain breed. A distinguished pedigree that rises above common man. These individuals cultivate finer, more delicate tastes, be it with a modern or western flair.

As my intellectual pursuit on shiny male adornments deepened, it manifested that jewery choices are very much regional. There is salient overlap and some exceptions to the map I have diagrammed below.

If your eyes are having trouble focusing this is the gist

West Coast – Cubic Zirconia

North West and West – Friendship Bracelets

Southwest – Bolo Ties and Turquoise

Midwest – Crosses and Puka Shells

New England – Hip Hop Beads

Florida – Gold Chains and Hairy Chests

But no matter what region in the United States you live in, only the upper echelon of gentleman has decoration around his neck, wrist, finger, or ankle. When a woman encounters such a man, she knows that he appreciates the finer things in life and also has the confidence to be different. A keepsake on a man showcases his virility and integrity. More about this later.


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