wit or the lackthereof

A personal dislike is people that describe themselves as “witty” and other fanciful traits.

People are not deft at describing themselves. Hell, they aren’t good at describing other people either.

In the job interview scenario, a not-quite-worthy candidate may go ahead and describe herself as a hard worker (to begin with, this is an anomaly; the American work ethic is drying up faster than your life savings). The gentleman conducting the interview will nod and scribble down this admirable quality on the scented and sparkled resume of the candidate. In reality, the aforementioned lady, puts her feet up on desks, googles puppies all day and prints out Cathy comics to post around her cubicle. We WILL most definitely discuss Cathy comics in the very near future.

I don’t mind as much people entreating themselves as “hard workers”. The economy sucks and you need a job. I ain’t hating. What I do mind, is when people start referring to themselves at WITTY. As soon as someone tells you they are witty, you know that it’s probably a good time to quit the convo right there.

How dare thee jump to such conclusions Caroline! Give people a chance! Stop judging!

I’ll tell you what – a droll person can think up a much more amusing and clever way to exemplify being WITTY. They will use their wordsmith charms and command of the English language to showcase this talent, rather than buttering your bread with confessions of wittiness. Actions speak louder than words friends, lovers, and family members.

Any idiot can think of a pun. Puns do not equal witiness. Wit is further entrenched than the multiple meanings of words. It is more about the power of observation and relating seemingly unrelated things. It is big picture. It is a way of expressing an idea or sentiment in an unsual way.

Also, there aren’t many people in this world that do possess the virtue of wit. I think I have met three of four of this breed in my lifetime. Examples of wit – Writers of South Park. Oscar Wilde. Mark Twain. Let’s elevate the high jump bar. Simulaneously we will do a number to decrease self esteem points of the people thought of formerly as witty. And just to clarify, never ever, is quoting a Will Ferrell movie indicative of wit. Quite the contrary!

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