ack, yack

Cathy Comics – everything I hate about women, illustrated and word bubbled

The main topic of conversation on my little gettaway in San Diego was the ACKS and antics of Cathy. That deplorable wench that somehow glamorizes the plight of the everyday “modern” woman. She is motivated by the 4 basic guilt groups – food, love, mom and work. Just go ahead and squirt chocolate syrup all over Cathy’s bedside romance novel and wipe away her salty tears with blush colored kleenex.

I don’t like Cathy because she is pathetic. Thigh loathing, cat loving, dull as a door knob, insignificant….I really could go on and on. I will uptake the role as an iconoclast and do my best to burn the newsprint of this comic a funeral pyre.

Perhaps it is the trite stereotype of women, and Cathy does nothing but reduce women to chocolate powered fiends, perpetually unhappy, beguiled/obsessed with men, and never content with their reflection in the mirror. Barfoline. Barfoline. And this comic ran for 34 years?!

If anything, the sheer popularity of this comic, indicates sad times for women. When the f are we going to drop this main stream hatred for our bodies and simplification of our needs (which are only shoes, diet cokes, calorie counting and heavy purses, mind you). I guess the appeal is in that some of us? can relate to Cathy’s insecurities. I think it perpetuates the shallow and vapid values our culture has assigned to women.  There’s got to be more to life than shopping and meow meows!

I know it’s just a comic. But gosh darn! Please don’t leave me in a room alone with Cathy.

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