the east coast is full of babies!

I am really in favor of the current zeitgeist, the sentiment that is brewing in the cauldron. We are going back – way back to Gang Wars of East Coast vs. West Coast. Californ-I Ays are giggling and poking fun of Eastern Seabordians for their sensitivity to earthquakes. See out there adjacent to the San Andreas fault, they get much bigger shake rattle and rolls.

But what tickles me is that it now it is permissible to make jokes about people being babies. Kick victims of natural disasters while they are already down! Get on facebook and get posting.

Oh sorry Joplin Missouri, that Tornado killed only 159 people. Quit your bitching! That Indian Tsunami of 2004 swept away 230,000 people.

And all of you pansies living in New York that are sensitive this time of year due to that so yesterday event of 9/11, the earth only shook under your feet. Cry a little bridge to Brooklyn and get over it.

No but in all truthfulness, it is kind of nice to see less sensitivity. I hate political correctness and everything getting that serious dramatic news treatment. Let’s keep poking fun.

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