horses bruise cabooses

Hello friend-pops, here are some images from the past week or so.  Photoshopping is easier than writing jigs.

There was a Good, Bad, and Ugly party at the ol’ Brothel house in town. A lot of people showed skin and danced like inept white folk to DJ whomp whomp. I feel more comfortable behind the bar slinging drinks. That dino and sign live back there and make a nice silhouette.

Moving forward, here are my 3 bulldogs. They are stinky and sleep a lot.

I got to hike 401 with my neighbor John which is purty as good be. We stopped by the Gothic General Store (old time mine town) to get sodas and tell the proprietor about the new and improved hiking book of the area. Judge Doom hurt his leg and limped when we got home. Luckily the pup has made a seemingly full recovery.

Today I rode western saddle in my bloomers and petticoat and bruised my rear. I think it might be necessary to have more of a rump to cushion you in this sport. Where most people have sumptuous curves, my butt indents. The Spawn of Kraken (Chelsea) is a mighty fine guide though and we traversed through Middle Earth while the beasts we rode were quite hungry and ate bouquets of flowers.


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