things i like

1] Dry Lavender soda is so refreshingly good. It is the perfect amount of sweet and bubbles. I have been having one a day in hopes of keep Doc Holiday away. (Reference to a celebrated Gambler, Gunfighter, and Dentist. Please quickly think of one bad ass dentist, besides your dad.)

2] I have a serious girl crush on Candace Bergen. Murphy Brown is a strong classic American girl beauty. It’s her commanding voice and strong jaw line. I have been watching her in the thrilling series Boston Legal. I guess that TV show is old news. Not to me. I live in the country where we don’t see a lot of buildings.

3] Even though there is a high barrier of entry into bee keeping, I’m quite piqued at the idea of it. I read that the best bee keepers come from a long lineage of yellow and black collectors. Honey is hot sticky sweet and it could be all mine. I just have all of these big ideas about living off the fat of the land and honeycombs.

4] I love being a stick in the mud. Isn’t it the bees’ knees wearing your best heather grey sweat pants and sitting on the couch without a plan or care in the world?


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