artifacts in the patch

A debonair man steped out of his large American automobile with those cushy seats. He pulled over in the middle of the country where corn crops are busting through the seams. Charlie adjusted his blazer and lit a cigarette. Using his hand for a shield from the bright sun, he saw a home past rows and rows of pumpkins. He started off making his way towards the crib.

He hopped a small wire fence and nearly stubs his toe on something quite peculiar.

The man continued on taking the antique piece of music machinery with him. He wondered if the device will still make noise of birds and other zippidy doo daa.It only took him a few more steps to encounter another something that doesn’t belong in a Jack-O-Lantern patch.

The man felt sorry for the tropical lizard and decided to bring him along – get him some water, and flies or whatever reptiles are eating these days.

As he kept walking, the small house got bigger and bigger. But before he could get to the house, another odd thing caught his eye.

It wasn’t that he didn’t like refashioning denim with holes in the knees. He scratched his head. Cut offs were hardly practical for farm labor or the crisp temperatures of fall.

At long last, he arrived at the red door and knocked. A small woman answered and brushed away her bangs for a better look. She didn’t give him a chance to say hello. “I’ve been looking for all this stuff.”

Charlie adjusted his aviator sunglasses and asked the woman if he could use her phone. She pet the iguana soothingly and directed him to the old turn dial phone.  He returned to the living room puzzled about the nonchalance of the woman about her collection of curiosities. She seemed to anticipate his confusion, “Oh, see these are all things I’ve forgotten about. They are going extinct.”

Char Char quickly inventoried the items and reasoned.

Iguanas] Yes. The Central American forests they live in are extreme danger.

Gramophones] Yes. Ipods have render this old time rock’n’roll player obsolete.

“Ok. Well explain the cutoffs then.”

“Too many people are wearing them in the pools these days. The filtration system is just eating up the strings. Before you know it, all cut off jeans will just disappear from the planet.”

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